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Company’s 15th anniversary of mainland China Office

Time : 2020-07-13 Hits : 328

Harmony Lighting China Office has been set up since Oct 1.2000. We are a professional sourcing agent in lighting and electrical industry. 

With a combined experience of 30+ years in the lighting industry, Harmony Lighting has built up a professional and efficient team. We believe that our people are the heart of Harmony Lighting and that we have the talent, infrastructure, and ability to serve our customers at the highest standard. As a recognized leader in the lighting industry it is our responsibility to deliver superior value and quality to our customers and their clients on a consistent basis. Harmony Lighting is committed to sourcing only the highest quality products on the market, providing outstanding services before and after the sale, and we take pride in maintaining long term relationships with our customers.

All of our products did comply with the following standards. 

Our Dedication

We “always give people more than they expect to get!”